Gambling is a worldwide phenomenon that continues to grow in popularity as new
technology emerges. While many countries ban gambling altogether, others have a
highly selective approach and only allow certain forms of it Singapore live casino. This is because it’s not
only a hugely profitable industry but also poses a risk to some people. Therefore,
government regulators are constantly trying to strike a balance between reaping the
rewards and protecting the citizens who gamble.
Fortunately for players, there are many nations that have relatively low gambling
taxes. This makes them very attractive destinations for players to play in, especially
those who enjoy online casinos and sports betting. We’ve taken a look at some of
the best countries for gambling, and what their tax rates are like.

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Despite its small size, Malta attracts quite a bit of online gambling traffic. Its high
internet speeds and cheap costs make it a very attractive place for people to
gamble online Plus, the local population is largely familiar with gambling and its
risks, so they’re very careful not to gamble too much.
This beautiful country has a long and storied relationship with gambling. Its culture
of wagering dates back to the pre-Roman era. The city of Venice even boasts the
oldest casino in the world, and its citizens are well versed in the rules of the game.
It’s not surprising, then, that Italy is one of the top gambling countries in Europe. Its
residents enjoy placing bets on a variety of sports events, from horse races to
football matches. In fact, Italy’s Gross Gaming Revenue was hit pretty hard during
the Covid-19 pandemic, but it’s making a comeback.

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The land down under is a big gambling nation, with 60% of its adult population
involved in one form of betting or another. They love betting on their favourite
teams, and their favourite games of chance are video slots – or pokies as they’re
more commonly known. You can find them in every casino in the land down under,
but they’re also popular in pubs and restaurants across the country.
Unlike some of the other countries on this list, Greece doesn’t have very favorable
taxation laws for its gambling companies. This is a major reason why so many
European casino operators relocate their headquarters to other countries with lower
gambling taxes, such as Malta and Sweden.
With its long tradition of gambling and numerous brick-and-mortar casinos, Portugal
is a great destination for those who enjoy playing the old-fashioned way. Its low

taxes on profits mean that its casino players can keep a larger portion of their
winnings, making it an ideal gambling destination.

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